About Us

NipponShine is established in April 2013 and begin as a trial to test the responds of Japanese car care product in the UK market. It all started as a hobby, me Jackie the director of NipponShine is an ordinary Asian folk like the rest of you who has passion in detailing, been to numerous time to Japan and consider myself as a big fan! I have always been fascinated by the technology, culture and lifestyle in the country.

Those of you who have been to Japan will have to agree with me Japan is such a clean country you seldom find littering on the floor this goes the same with cars, you will seldom find a dirty car on road and this is how NipponShine logo comes by using Rising sun flag to emphasis the spirit of Japan.

Having used Japanese car care product since my childhood to help my dad to clean his Lexus, I find it is a shame that these product weren’t available due to language barrier and the high import cost. My dream is to take it on and change the trend. It is still very far away thou, despite I have make the first few important steps.

In NipponShine we aim to bring products focusing in functionality, practicality and value for money rather than anything else. In the same time you will see us introducing some fancy new products packing with high-end technology that never make availability here before.

By using our products, we hope you to become our fan and feel the spirit of the land of rising sun!

Established in 1954, Soft99 is one of the car care product manufacturer to have a longest history as well as the biggest in Japan. Exporting to over 5 continents in the world is it in fact a very big world-class manufacturers on par with some of the well-known western manufacturers.

Soft99 Cooperation has their very own Research & development laboratory and state of art manufacturing plant. Besides that Soft99 also has several subsidies companies such as water related technology, automotive solution centre, Car detailing centre, home delivery business, driving school, hot spring, real estate and commercial chemical business.

Some of the products including Fusso series, Glaco rain repellent series, Gzox pro detailing series, Fukupika body wipes and Flame Bond plasma coating etc.

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