To celebrate the opening of nipponshine.com

We are giving away total worth of £300+(YOU DIDN’T READ IT WRONG IS £300+) this time to thank all those who have been waited patiently for stock, as well as our fans never giving up on us and the celebration of nipponshine.com opening!

We think this is going to be something big and exciting, this time round we will be giving away 3 prizes instead of one!
There will be no likes quota restriction and participants who comply with the rules will have a chance to win!

Stay tuned for further details!

1st prize
Triz premium
Authentic Premium
King of gloss
Mirror Shine
Glaco zero mirror coat
Ultra Glaco small

2rd prize
Triz Premium
Authentic Premium
Fusso Coat

3rd Prize
Triz Premium
King of gloss
Glaco Zero mirror coat

Please see our Facebook for more details!



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